Know Your Tools Before You Craft

Know Your Tools Before You Craft

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Have you ever thought that excitement and that adrenaline rush to just get started or to do your work can be less productive? Well, I have experienced it.

My Story

Let me explain-

When I started my journey as a programmer, I was very excited to just create something new and show something to the world. I worked very hard on my first app and launched it within a few days of starting, at this time I didn’t even know how to leverage the power of object-oriented programming. As soon as my first app was publicly visible on the app store, I was already working on my next project, A game, called Star Crash. Even at this point, I was not aware of how to use objects and classes. I wrote around 4000 lines of code in a single file and during test runs, it would run but soon crash. As my Macbook was not that powerful, I thought it’s just the Xcode simulator that is not working properly, everything else should be fine.


I launched my game on the app store. I was happy and thinking about what would I do with all that money that I would receive from google ads if only I knew about my tools.

If you are not a programmer or you are not aware of anything I just wrote above. Just understand that, even though I was super productive in creating those apps, it didn’t take me anywhere, because I was not aware of my tools.

How do you make sure that you don’t fall in the same pit?

It’s simple, know your tools before you craft.

If you are a photographer, then first learn what your camera can do. Watch youtube tutorials, read the camera guide (better google it) spend at least 2 hours to know the basics about the camera.

If you want to be a YouTuber, watch some YouTubers talking about their journey, the tools they use, and how you can use them.

For those who are self-taught programmers-

I know it is fun to work on projects and create cool things, but at least once take a basics course. People say that theory is bullshit and just work on projects, you will learn everything you need to know.

from my experience it’s not true, I am a self-taught programmer and I spent a lot of time working on projects that would have been much easier to create if I had only taken a data structure and algorithms course before. So, at least take a complete theory course on basics (its boring as hell), but once you finish it, you will appreciate it more than anything.

NOTE — These opinions and thoughts are my personal. I write what I observe and feel, your opinions and thoughts might differ. Leave your response as I would love to read your views (if time permits)

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