What Is Most Important? How Present Is Your Most Valuable Asset.

We hate the past, care about the future, but are living in the present.

What Is Most Important? How Present Is Your Most Valuable Asset.

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Now, I know when you clicked on this post; you thought it will be related to either technology, health, business, or something that can give you career benefits, that is because today we are moving so fast that we are forgetting what is most important. The Present.

Whatever you are doing right now is most important. It can be staring at an insect, making your coffee, working on a wonderful project, or even watching a Netflix show. Seriously!

Let me explain-

The present gives you the ability to focus on what’s important

A few weeks ago I started learning photography, while learning about the focus of the camera, I realized something very important.

Iron mesh in front of my subject (The Past)Iron mesh in front of my subject (The Past)

This is the iron mesh in front of the subject. Can you see what’s behind it? Yeah, you can make out it is a plant but there is more to it. Think of this as your past, it obstructs your vision, not allowing you to see what you truly are capable of. This can be your past relationships, some tragic incidents, or even a positive memory (your successes) like buying your first car. Point is, it is irrelevant for NOW.

A beautiful background but irrelevant (The Future)A beautiful background but irrelevant (The Future)

In the previous Image, you couldn’t even see this, or at least you ignored it. This is the future, when you are too much into past you forget that there is a future. But even that is irrelevant. Let me explain using an example.

It’s like you have booked a ticket to go to Paris, everything is planned, you and your children are giggling, excited to board the plane and have a loving vacation. You are dreaming about having lunch at the best restaurant in Paris, going on top of Eiffel Tower and looking at a stunning view.

Now suddenly a pandemic shows up. All your dreams, imaginations, GONE!

Now let’s look at the present

A beautiful little spider (The Present)A beautiful little spider (The Present)

This little guy has been hiding there all this while. Our Present. Instead of dreaming about your vacation, if only you would have spent that time doing something relevant (present, on which you have full control) you would have probably done something more meaningful. By the way, I took all the shots from the exact same spot, just changed the focus.

The present is genuine Happiness

A few days ago a famous Indian actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, committed suicide. Now, I am giving his example because most of his life he spent gaining money and recognition (which all of us trying to gain throughout our lives in some form or the other), but in his speech, he left a very important message.

He says — “I figured something, I figured that something seemingly big things were not that big once I got them and looking back in the past, I realised that smaller things were way bigger and there was one thing that was missing in my life that was the cause of this illusion, and that thing that was missing was NOW.” His story is tragic and filled with life lessons that we all should take away from.

What does everyone talk about? Being happy, isn’t it? You ask anyone, why are they working at that company, the majority would say to buy that car or to buy that house or to move to LA. ask why almost all would say to be happy.

Once they move to that city, they would probably buy a new car, another house, or maybe a yacht (if they hit a jackpot). Why? to be happier. The cycle continues.

So when does this madness stop? Never. Looking back, you realize that if only you had just stopped and lived in your hometown, probably you would be happier. But time is our immortal enemy if we hate it and best friend if we accept it. So let’s accept it and be much happier NOW!

Another great video I found on YouTube:-

Some Exceptions:-

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”― Søren Kierkegaard

It is always good to reflect on your past, but you must set a time for it. People usually prefer to do that around bedtime for around 15 minutes.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche,

Dream of the future. Without it, we probably won’t have better technologies or success. But this should be relevant to now, the present. Ex- if I am working on a program, I would sometimes pause and think if it can change lives. People prefer to dream of the future while walking.

How to live in the present

Now, if you felt like you can’t stop your mind from wandering, don’t worry. I am terrible at it. It’s very hard to master to live in the present, even for some of the greatest gurus.

But we all can improve through meditation and by focusing more on NOW. Although meditation is great for learning how to be in the present, most of us feel that we don’t have enough time for it. So do this instead, while eating, don’t look at your screen, drop those knives, forks, and spoons, eat with your hand, and be connected to the present and the world.

While taking a bath, instead of listening to music, feel the cold water running down your body, and try to concentrate on every bit of your skin.

Pay attention to every detail in your immediate environment, the more you focus on your environment and try to make sense of every detail, the lesser will be distractions and mind will have nowhere to wander.

This video was very helpful:-

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